Spring in Puglia

France Janssen 41 Jun, 2018
2 min

It is no surprise that many North and South Italians have a second home in Puglia. Early in spring the sun and the summer temperatures are already present here. With its 850 kilometer coastline that embraces the entire vast region, the sea is always close by for a refreshing swim. Here you have a choice of beautiful beaches, seaside bars and restaurants to visit. From Ostuni you are in 10 minutes on the coast and in a short time you are in cities like Brindisi, Taranto or Lecce.

This attractive combination of sea, sun, nature and culture are good reasons to head for one of the many villages and towns in Puglia during the holidays and weekends. Many took the opportunity to take a long weekend off with Easter (Pasqua) and Liberation Day (Giorno della Liberazione) and visited a cultural event, art exhibition or market which opened with the start of spring season. So even outside the high season, Ostuni and the surrounding towns and villages are cozy and lively.

So come and see it yourself! And while you’re planning your trip, you can draw up a plan for realizing your second home. (Do you remember my checklist?) Wait when the season is less attractive to view houses or plots. This prevents you from being too enthusiastic because everything seems much nicer when the birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. So now I recommend to enjoy all the beauty and goodies that the season has to offer and to thoroughly think about what you want.

A presto! France

France Janssen
property consultant & pr

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