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Second home checklist

France Janssen 44 Jun, 2018
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Often we get to meet North Europeans who have become enthusiastic after their holidays and are thinking about buying a second home. Mostly they don ‘t yet have a clear idea of what they want. That is fine. After all, we are there to help. The first thing we advice is to make a plan to cover the “where, what, when, why and how?” Ask yourself some critical questions: What kind of location are we exactly looking for? Walking distance to a village? A sea-side view? How are we going to finance it? Do we want to rent it? Do we only go there for the holidays?

The answers to all these questions provide a good insight into your wishes. This preparation is essential before you can actually take action and start your search. Important here is to not only look at your situation now, but also to look ahead in the future.

This checklist will help you make your wishes and possibilities much clearer:


Before you want to buy or build a house in Italy, you would do well to write down your motives:

• investment, rental
• fiscal reasons
• a second home for spending the holidays
• more favorable climate
• for later, when I want to winter or permanently live there
• starting my own business or working in Italy
• others

It is important to check whether or not your motives come from a whim because of the fantastic holiday you had or the beautiful stories from friends. Are you really serious about your plans?

Other questions that you have to ask yourself:

• how will the house be used?
• How much time can and do we want to spend in it on a yearly basis?
• how much money can and do we want to spend on it on a yearly basis?

Other points of interest

Study your financial possibilities and make a financial budget, so you know in which price class you want to buy. You will then be able to search more specifically.

Take a close look at your financial situation. Reserve approx. 15% of the purchase price for all additional costs. Want or can you spend €100.000,- for the purchase of a property in Italy then it is advisable to look for a property with an asking price of around €85.000,-. Do not overestimate your financial possibilities.

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