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The summer has come to an end and I’m thinking of the wonderful time I spent near the Apulian sea. Every summer I discover new beaches that I will definitely share with you later on. But first let me try to explain what it is that makes the Apulian sea so alluring: It might have something to do with the huge variety of beaches along its 800 kilometers long coastline (the Puglia region, among ...

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France Janssen 5 Sep, 2018


When you consider to purchase real estate in Puglia and you’ve already visited some of the house offers, you’ve probably noticed that existing houses in this area have some typical features. From the outside you can already see that they have relatively small windows and thick walls and inside you will generally find small rooms with low ceilings. The main purpose of these constructions is to ...

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France Janssen 35 Jun, 2018


It is no surprise that many North and South Italians have a second home in Puglia. Early in spring the sun and the summer temperatures are already present here. With its 850 kilometer coastline that embraces the entire vast region, the sea is always close by for a refreshing swim. Here you have a choice of beautiful beaches, seaside bars and restaurants to visit. From Ostuni you are in 10 minutes ...

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France Janssen 18 Jun, 2018

Second Home

Often we get to meet North Europeans who have become enthusiastic after their holidays and are thinking about buying a second home. Mostly they don ‘t yet have a clear idea of what they want. That is fine. After all, we are there to help. The first thing we advice is to make a plan to cover the “where, what, when, why and how?” Ask yourself some critical questions: What kind of location are ...

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France Janssen 16 Jun, 2018


Buying or building a house is not something you do every day, let alone in a country like Italy. Moreover, one gets to deal with other customs, rules and laws and everything in a different language. Like no other, I know that a host(ess) is indispensable if you have to find your way in a foreign country. Certainly when it comes to purchasing real estate. Having the right local connection is key to...

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France Janssen 21 May, 2018

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